Educare School



School times are from 07h00 to 18h00, Monday to Friday, except public holidays, two school holidays given by the WCED, and for 10 to 11 working days over the Christmas/New Year break.


A curriculum is in place from the 1 year olds working upwards to Grade R ensuring that all children are well prepared for school. All classes have morning ring where songs, rhymes, shapes, colours, letters of the alphabet, numbers etc are introduced to the children. They also do an art activity, movement, music and structured educational play each day. Each class has a different routine and the amount of formal teaching time increases as the children get older.

Food (Non Halal)

Breakfast is provided from 07h30 until 08h15 and lunch at 12h00. Teatime is at 10h00 and 15h00. One teatime snack is provided by the school and one is sent in by the parents.


Fees are payable monthly in advance and are due by the 4th of each month.  No refunds will be made for absences.  If fees are not paid by the 20th of the month the child/ren must be removed until the fees are paid in full.

Extra Murals

There are private extra murals available at the school that are optional extras for you to consider these include: Playball, pottery, ballet, sport and swimming (children are picked up from school and brought back to school).

Contagious diseases

For the welfare of other children at our school, children with contagious diseases must please be kept at home. This applies to ringworm, lice and stomach bugs.


The security of our children is of utmost importance. No one will be allowed to collect your child except the people indicated on the enrolment form unless you inform us in advance. Access for parents is by security tag.


You are welcome to send cake or cupcakes to school on your child’s birthday. The teachers will have a little party for your child at a convenient time during the school day.


Outings will be organized for the older children on a regular basis. Parents will be informed in advance of any outings. Written permission will be requested from parents before children are taken on outings.
We also endeavour to arrange for entertainment at Educare House on a regular basis.  Examples would be a jumping castle, or visits by a magician, a clown, a theatre group, etc.


A newsletter is sent to parents keeping them informed of important developments and activities at the school. A copy of one will also be posted up in the office. Teachers communicate via message books, meetings with parents or a phone call if there is a concern. We make use of the D6 communicator system.

Our office door is always open and we urge parents to discuss any concerns they may have. We understand how precious our children are and no concern is too minor to be spoken about. Even if you have no concerns, we would still love to chat!

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